Student Academic Progress Check

At Optimus, we believe that monitoring a student's performance enables us to provide the student the best academic support and guidance. For our new students, we use our enrollment procedure to give the student the best experience at Optimus. Once a student has joined Optimus, we collect their previous school year report card and state test to see where they are struggling and where they are excelling. After that, we have the student take our assessment test to get a better idea of the best strategy to get that student the best quality education. Once a student has started classes, we use our academic progress check for our staff to monitor the student as they attend Optimus in a variety of ways.

Step #1: Daily Academic and Behavior Status

Each Optimus teacher is required to complete daily comments regarding each student's academics and their behavior during class. Their teacher will state a student’s academic progress by marking whether they are struggling, doing well, or excellent. If the teacher marks the student is struggling, they are required to state how they are struggling, how they were helped, and what more can be done to help the student improve. Our teachers are also required to identify their student’s behavior by marking unsatisfactory, satisfactory, or excellent. If the teacher marks their behavior as unsatisfactory, they must write a comment stating what the student did to have that status. Marking the student’s academic progress and behavior daily will help to catch small problems before they become bigger and affect their academic growth.

Step #2: Daily Homework Check

Optimus Learning School knows that our parents’ main concern is to make sure their child’s homework is completed and checked correctly. To notify our parents of the status of completion on their student’s homework, the teacher is required to either mark finished, incomplete, or no homework. If the teacher has marked their homework as finished, this means that the homework has been checked by the teacher, corrected, and completed. If the teacher has marked the homework as incomplete, the teacher must write a comment on why the homework was not completed. This daily homework check allows us to monitor their homework status and make sure we know what is exactly always going on in the classroom.

Step #3: Weekly Grade Report

To ensure that a student is on track with their academic plan, Optimus teachers are mandated to complete a weekly grade check every Monday. This weekly grade check allows our teachers to identify the areas of struggle or achievement for their students and address them promptly. Throughout the week, Optimus teachers collect their student’s test and assignment grades and then will post them in their Monday comments. If a student receives a grade lower than a 70%, the teacher must write a comment on why their student received a lower grade and how they can help them rectify this problem in the future. This system will help our teachers to truly know what is going on at school and how to help their students more efficiently.

Step #4: Quarterly OLS Assessment Test

Before a student enrolls in our program, they are requested to complete an assessment test. These assessment tests use test questions from the California state test. Students test on two subjects, English-Language Arts and Math. Once a student enrolls in our program, we also make sure that they take an assessment test after every quarter as an additional measure to track their academic progress. After the second quarter, they will take the next grade’s test to see how they are doing in their grade and after the third quarter, they will repeat that test. This data will help us further pinpoint our students’ areas of strengths and weaknesses. The level of the test they take changes at the beginning of the calendar year. See an example below:

Sarah's Quarterly Assessment Test Schedule

Test Date
Test Level
March 2024: While in 4th grade 4th grade test (1st time)
June 2024: After finishing 4th grade 4th grade test (2nd time)
September 2024: Starting 5th grade 4th grade test (3rd time)
December 2024: While in 5th grade 4th grade test (4th time)
March 2025: While in 5th grade 5th grade test (1st time)
June 2025: After finishing 5th grade 5th grade test (2nd time)
September 2025: Starting 6th grade 5th grade test (3rd time)
December 2025: While in 6th grade 5th grade test (4th time)

Step #5: Quarterly School Report Cards

When a student enrolls in our program, we ask them to provide their most recent report card which allows us to view the student’s academic achievements before attending Optimus. We also use this report card to see what they are struggling in and how to help them. Once they have started Optimus, after every quarter, semester, or trimester, depending on their school, we take a picture of their report card and input it into their student account. This action allows our staff to see their progress after every quarter and better monitor their development.

Step #6: Quarterly Parent Meeting

At Optimus, we understand that communication between our staff and parents is a key factor to maintain a student's academic progress. Therefore, we have implemented a quarterly parent meeting to establish each student's academic plan. We have many ways of monitoring our student’s progress; however, without any verbal communication, a student could fall through the cracks and not get all the help he or she needs to improve. We use this quarterly parent meeting to further indicate our comments and concerns to a student’s parent to make sure we are doing everything possible for our students.

Step #7: Annual State Test

To ensure that a student's academic file is complete when enrolling in our program, we ask that parents provide us with their state test result. These results allow us to observe each student’s achievement levels in the grade they have just completed. We ask our students to provide their state test result every year that they attend Optimus to monitor their progress each year and see if they are on track with their academic plan. We input every test result we receive in the student’s account.