Private/ Semi-Private Lesson

Private Lesson (1:1 Tutoring)

At Optimus, we offer classes in a variety of subjects. Our private lessons are a way students may focus on a specific subject. Private lessons are perfect for those students who need additional support, prefer individualized attention or advanced enrichment. Our instructors can reinforce subjects taught in school, preview what students will be learning, and teach other courses that may not be taught in a traditional school setting.

7th - 8th
Hourly Rate $50 $55 $60 $60

Semi-private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are a great choice for students who want to take class with friends, classmates from school, or siblings/cousins. Also, this option gives you the discussion benefits of a group class without the discomfort of learning with students you don’t know. Private lessons (1:1 tutoring) start at $55 an hour. However, if you bring other students to join your private lesson, each of you will receive a discount on the hourly rate (see the chart below).

Number of Students
2 Students
3 Students
4 Students
Kinder - 6th $35 / per student $30 / per student $25 / per student
7th - 8th $35 / per student $30 / per student $25 / per student